Karen Collins

I am a co-founder of Azanimo Ltd.


I am an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist with a wide range of experience, having completed 1000's of hours client sessions. I am qualified to MA level and am a BACP senior accredited counsellor/psychotherapist and a BACP senior accredited supervisor. I am a qualified Hypnotherapist. I have over 15 years' experience both in short term and longer term therapy;  within GP practice, within secondary care for the NHS, occupational health, insurance companies, EAPS, solicitors and international companies. I have experience as a counselling lecturer and in CPD training.

How do I work?

I am an experienced, qualified and senior accredited integrative counsellor/psychotherapist. For many years I have had a great interest in people, their stories, and how the mind works. My first steps into this world were through my psychology degree which helped me to understand people's behaviours and the ways in which they think. Psychology was, however, for me cold and clinical and I was more interested in people themselves, why things go wrong in their lives and what they could do when they did. This coupled with my innate ability to see things in people others do not, allowing me to help them attain their true potential, led me in to the counselling and psychotherapy arena.

I, therefore, work in an integrated way, working with client's stories and the social context in which they live and work, because counselling does not happen in a vacuum. I particularly work with clients' narratives highlighting hidden messages, which may have controlled them for years, in an unconscious way.  This then allows the client, once recognising the message, to choose to move forward in a way more congruent with who they want to be.

What type of work may we do together?

I will work with a client on almost any issue or worry they may have, provided it is within my competency to do so.

I have a vast experience of working with abuse of all kinds and this has shown me that everyone's circumstances are different and, therefore, their needs in therapy will be different. Some people may want to take the bull by the horns and steam ahead, quickly opening up old wounds and working on them immediately. I also recognise, however, that this can be very delicate work and some clients may need to go more slowly or may need a little more help to begin to heal the damage others have caused them. Others may be somewhere in between these positions.

In some cases it can be useful to work creatively (particularly with blocks) as it is often the child part of us that has been damaged. I use a wide range of metaphors/media for this work. More classic forms are stones, creative writing/drawing, poetry, Russian Dolls, however, I also like to use things from the clients' own lives and interests, like music, gardening, photography or dance etc. This type of work is not only a good way into the unconscious, it is also a way of healing the mind in ways previously unthought-of.

Whilst I have vast experience of working with long term issues/abuse, I also have a significant amount of experience working in a more solution focused manner in a shorter time frame. This type of work is often suited to issues presenting themselves in the present i.e. work related stress, anxiety, or personal development issues i.e. should I change jobs or get married? or I just feel run down and fed up etc.

Why me?

I am a highly qualified, trained and experienced therapist. I take what I do seriously and this is a fulltime role for me and I have completed several thousand hours experience of client work in my 15 plus years career.

I pride myself on accepting people, whatever their diversity, and attempt always to treat them with respect, understanding and belief. My experience, however, has shown me that people do not always treat themselves with the same level of respect, understanding and belief and, therefore, a part of my aim is to help people to start accepting themselves.  

Why don't people give themselves the respect they give others? This answer is not an easy one, however, most of us have grown up with messages about ourselves that may not be true. These internalised messages may not be recognised and can cause untold psychological distress. These messages may be, that we are not good enough, are not intelligent, are not sporty, are unlovable, were naughty as children or adults, will never make anything of ourselves or we may feel immature inside.

During therapy I hope to be able to help clients uncover these messages and discover or create the real person they are. Therapy for me is about me walking along a client's path for a while, offering support until they feel able and prepared to continue on again, on their own. It is also about them being able to find the right therapist for them. If after meeting I discover that I cannot help you, I will help guide you in the direction of the person/organisation who I believe can.


Professional Membership/registration

  • I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy:
  • I am a Senior Accredited Supervisor: MBACP (Snr. Accred)
  • I am an Senior Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist: MBACP (Snr. Accred).
  • I am an accredited Sexual Minority Therapist (Pink Therapy)
  • I am a Graduate member of the British Psychological Society: MBPsS
  • I am a member of the Accredited Voluntary Register as outlined by the Department of Health.
  • I hold a clear enhanced DBS certificate (old CRB check)

My Fees


£45 per session before 5pm

£50 per session from 5pm onwards.

Relationship therapy: £55

Clinical Supervision : fees on request for clinical supervision

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